Strengthening the Creative Economy:Planning for the Future 

Arts and Culture needs to be front and centre when the City of Kitchener is planning for Economic Development. There need to be an Arts and Culture Plan. We need to invest now.

Arts need infrastructure and sustainable funding to help create and sustain our cultural identity.

Why do we need Art?

To pay for or provide services to stimulate economy and provide the competitive advantage.

Art revitalizes diminished communities.

Art increases substantial well-being of individuals (less stress, reduces the feeling of isolation, etc)'

Art improve the quality of life........

Thank you to the panelists October 18th Art & The EconomyConveration : Mahdi Bou-Matar, Janice Jo Lee, and Dr. Rybczynnski

Thank you to Catherine Fife and Laura Mae Lindo for hosting the event.


What are my Environmental Vision and Goals?                       


 My story includes over 40 years involvement in the co-operative movement, with the last 25 years working in housing co-ops.


I can tell you that Co-ops across the world, have a long history of sustainability. Co-ops are economically sustainable, socially sustainable and environmentally sustainable. Sustainability is encapsulated in the 7 International Co-operative Principles.


In the next four years, I would see the city of Kitchener and the Region of Waterloo adopt alternate housing models that foster economic, social and environmental sustainability for all people.


My vision of environmental sustainability includes, protection of our water resources, water conservation, green initiatives, protection of farm land, creating and retrofitting buildings that foster a low carbon imprint, and alternate forms of transportation that reduce greenhouse gases that affect the quality of the air we breath.


That could mean improving the safety of designated bike lanes, developing policy for  mandatory green roofs (for new and replacement of existing large flat roofs), use of LED lighting, car-pooling, electric charge stations and so on.


As the Region works at meeting the provincial mandate to accommodate 700,000 residents by 2030, there will be a lot of changes from the way we have been doing things to the way we incorporate environmental sustainability for our city and for future generations at every step of progress.

If Elected how will I work to fix the student problems in Lower Doon?


I believe the Conestoga College student problems in Lower Doon is a housing issue.


My background in housing, community development and volunteer management provides me with the skill sets to help develop a solution for your community and  Kitchener Council regarding this issue.


I have lived in this community for 38 years. Each neighbourhood has its own uniqueness and that is what I treasure. The character of Lower Doon needs to be protected. Homer Watson House, the Grand River, parks and trails, Doon Valley Golf course, heritage buildings, cemeteries and Conestoga College are distinct features of Ward 4 and need to be preserved.


Those 140 properties in Lower Doon that are being used as rentals for Conestoga College students are more than I imagined.


After October 22 election, I hope that together we can provide a resolution to this ongoing matter in your neighbourhood.



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