2017- 2020               New Generations Housing Co-operative Board of Directors

2017 – 2020              COCHF Co-op Service Awards Event Planning Committee

2016 – 2020              Waterloo Standard Condominium Corporation No.379       

                                 Board of Directors (Treasurer)

2016-2018                Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation Board of Directors

2012 – 2020              Institute of Housing Management (IHM) Distant Learning Instructor                                         Property and Building Administration

2012                         International Year of Co-operatives – Co-op Parade Float Project

                                 ONCo-op Co-op Spirit Award - Individual

2005-2010                Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada - Management                                                     Conference Reference Group

1994-2020                Co-operative Staff Association of Central Ontario  

1996-1997                Blessed Kateri School Parent Council

1994                         Co-op Summer Recreation Program through the Canada HRDC Seed                                         Grant

1993-1995                City of Kitchener Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

1995                         Cross Cultures Talents' Festival at Kitchener City Hall

1993                         Cross Cultures Premier Arts & Culture Contest / Auction at Joseph                                         Schneider House

1991-1997                Kitchener Waterloo Sexual Assault Support Centre 

                                 Front-line Worker and  Board of Directors (1995-97)

1989                         Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre and Library opens

                                 Heritage Awareness Citation from the Waterloo Regional Heritage                                           Foundation for contributing to the promotion of heritage in the                                             community.

1988                         Ground Breaking Ceremony - Organized and promoted the involvement                                   of all area schools to attend and show support for the Doon Pioneer                                       Park Community Centre project.

1987                          Volunteer Management Certification - placement at the Volunteer                                          Placement Service of Kitchener-Waterloo

1986-1988                Fundraising $25,000 for the Doon Pioneer Park Community Center                                           through Citrus Fruit Drives and the sale of "Go-Kit" shovels

1985                         Doon Pioneer Park Community HANDBOOK

1984-1987                St. Timothy / Pioneer Park Summer Playground Committee

1984                         Presentation of the Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre Proposal to                                     City of Kitchener Council

                                 "Birthday Bash" - organized the one day celebration of Ontario       

                                 Centennial, Doon 150 years and 15 years for the Pioneer Park 


1982-1989                Doon Pioneer Park Community Association Executive Committee                                             (President 1985-1989)

1982-2020                Doon Pioneer Park Community Association - annual Christmas Miracle                                     Food Hamper Project

1981                         Kingsdale Participating Preschool Executive - Secretary


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